Reviewed: HANAair Hair Dryer

Misikko - dryer
I recently had a chance to review a HANAair hair dryer, which is a professional dryer and this was the first time I've ever tried a dryer other than one of the $20 or less models that I normally pickup at the drugstore.

I was impressed. This hair dryer allowed me to do something I didn't even think was possible - I gave myself a blow out that rivaled that of getting it done by a professional. Clearly the tools are just as important as the technique.
It comes with a velveteen bag for travel and a heat proof mat. 

With my drugstore dryer, drying my hair takes ages. My hair is thick, long, and wavy, but the Hana dryer, with settings cranked up to the maximum amount of heat and power, allowed me to get my hair dry in about 20 minutes. After the blow dry was done, my hair was already so straight and smooth, I barely even had to go over it with my flat iron.
Misikko - detail
Two buttons to control the intensity of the heat and the intensity of the air flow - this was so powerful I blew a picture frame off the wall! (okay, maybe my hanging skills are really terrible, but still.)

Another wonderful feature of the Hana dryer is the insanely long cord. Anyone who has to work in a space with limited outlet access knows how annoying a short cord is.

My only complaint is the positioning of the cold burst button. Situated right under where your thumb rests while holding the dryer, I kept accidentally pressing it. The first time it happened I was convinced I'd broken the dryer because only cold air was coming out (I know, I'm prone to overreacting).

Misikko - box
I did really love how Misikko packaged the dryer - it arrived quickly via UPS in a white box that was overflowing with tons of extra little goodies. A white rose, a hairbrush, an eye mask, shampoo, heat shield serum (works wonderfully, by the way), even a stuffed monkey -- everything you need to feel completely pampered.
Misikko - monkey
The next time your $20 drugstore hair dryer breaks, you may want to consider investing in one of the best professional hair dryers that Misikko sells, and I've heard really great things about their Titanium Flat Irons too - your hair will definitely thank you.

I was provided with the hairdryer for purposes of this review, my opinions are my own.


  1. i want to see a picture of your hair after using this dryer!
    my $25 dryer is on its last leg and I always wondered if the expensive ones were worth the money
    thanks for the review.

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  3. I desperately need a new hair dryer (my $20 drugstore one is several years old and I'm pretty sure it's damaging my hair a lot) and this one sounds great.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Same as silvergirl, hey you should do a vlog post about it! =D

  5. I third that, let's see a photo of the finished 'do! Nice to know that you can cut back on using a flat iron (must be worse for your hair than the blow dryer). And here I thought all blow dryers were the same (heating element + fan = blow dryer).

  6. i actually don't own a hair dryer. i might have to check this out!

  7. Oh I think I need a new hair dryer too. Mine is good but sometimes I just need some more power!!! :D


  8. I believe fate brought me to your blog today. I was just saying how i need a new hair dryer... mine just busted. Thank you!!

  9. This review comes in time. I broke (overuse) my $20 from Walgreens yesterday.

  10. you did a great job with this review. If I was in the market for a dryer I would for sure check this baby out.

  11. I actually managed to score a $150 blowdrier on sale for $35 almost 2 years ago and I'm so attached to it, I dont know what I'll do when it kicks it!

  12. Lucky that you can dry your hair. I used to blow dry and flat iron my hair every time after washing. But it stressed my hair and it started to fall out. I'm on a strict no blow dry no flat ironing routine - per my dermatologist and hair dresser. But now my hair is just a wavy frizzy mess. I 'm curious to know if others experience the same thing when drying their hair and if hair doesn't fall out as much with a high end dryer?

  13. This is an awesome review! I'm in the market for a new hair dryer, maybe I should check this one out!

  14. love misikko! ive got a hana straightner that i love and a curling wand. great producs

  15. love misikko! ive got a hana straightner that i love and a curling wand. great producs

  16. Great review! Do you have any pictures of your finished hairdo? xo style, she wrote

  17. I've had a Sedu for the past two years and find that professional dryers do make a huge difference. The placement of the cool air button is the same for practically every expensive dryer-- I hit mine all the time at first but I did eventually get used to it.