A purse I can fit everything into, and then some

I have a bit of an obsession with large bags; I can't help myself - I have developed a need to carry on my shoulder everything I could ever possibly need.

My wallet alone is bigger than some bags -- and the very best part about the wallet is that a strap can pull out and transform it into a wristlet, and the change pouch is large enough to accommodate my iPhone. Should the opportunity every arise, I'm all set.

But normally, the wallet stays in my purse, along with my keys, makeup (including nail clippers and file), camera, phone, sunglasses, chocolate in some form, purse holder thingie*, reusable shopping bag, safety pins, advil, tampons, tissues, pen, checkbook, ect...

So here is my fall bag of choice: the Zip It Up Tote by AVON. It's faux distressed leather, has four outer pockets, two shoulder straps, large exposed zippers and metal hardware. I got it in the maroon color, and from a distance, it looks like real leather. Once you touch it, the jig is up - but who cares? I also am a big fan of its paisley lining. $26

The best part? While I was in Ann Taylor looking at this $129 NYLON bag, one of the sales asscoiates told me how much she loved my bag. I told her where I got it too. Just think, mine was only 103 dollars less.

*The Purse Holder thingie, or as some might call it, the purse hook; is this fabulous little invention that allows you to hang your bag up on a table while you are out dining. This is far superior to putting your purse on the back of your chair, on another chair, or even on the floor (I would sooner sit with my bag on my lap all night than put it on the floor, but some people might).

The top of my hook is a little pink bejeweled purse that gets lots of comments and admiration. Ten dollars Very well spent. (I know those 'official' ones are $19.99 but Amazon has some cheaper, and more colorful options)

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