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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The wedge quest continues

Since returning the two pairs of sandals that didn't work out, I've become, maybe a touch obsessed with finding a pair that will. I've got quite a few in mind that are from DSW, so a trip to the store might be in order, and may be more productive than ordering online and then having to deal with returns.

On the left:
Michael Antonio Galena Wedge Sandal, $40 at DSW
Mrkt Candy Wedge Sandal, $80 at DSW
Miss Me Heart 25 Wedge Sandal, $45 at DSW
On the right:
Michael Antonio Galactic Sandal, $30 at DSW
Iveans Wedge Sandal, $65 at Aldo
Nine West Braxton, $70 at Zappos (I don't know why I'm even including this sandal, this color isn't available in my size anywhere; but in the cream color, at Nine West's site, it's only $36.)
Steve Madden Fantasik Espadrille, $50 at Amazon

I suppose in the meantime, I can just borrow my sisters wedges, which are pretty cute, but don't pass my comfort standards. I mean, I wouldn't have bought them, but I'll certainly wear them if they are at my disposal.
In other news, taking photos at the yacht club might be ruined for me.

For the most part, there aren't too many people at the yacht club. It's a private club, and a small one, so unless there is some sort of event going on, usually there are only a handful of people around.
I've gone there to take photos plenty of times and been happily left alone.

But, on this particular evening, a window from the club house (I guess you'd call it the club house, since it's a yacht club) bar area opens and a creepy old dude sticks his head out and says "Don't mind me, I just like to watch you take pictures. And don't worry, I won't call the police."
I mumbled some sort of 'uh-huh' noise and finished up as quickly as I could and left.

I don't really understand the police threat. Yeah, it's a private club, but if someone asked me to leave, obviously I would just leave. He must have been drunk and thought he was being funny or something. Either way, I was not amused.

Why? Why must I be a creepy old dude magnet? Why I can't I attract a young potential boyfriend instead?

I imagine those of you who have boyfriend/husband photographers never have to worry about creepy old dudes bothering you. You lucky bitches.
Striped Striped Striped Striped Striped
The Rundown
Dress Twitch Vintage - Wedges Chinese Laundry - Clutch London Fog - Belt Thrifted - Ring American Eagle - Necklace Made by Me "Sweet Drops" - Sunnies Old Navy - Dog Chloe


  1. "I imagine those of you who have boyfriend/husband photographers never have to worry about creepy old dudes bothering you. You lucky bitches."

    Ooooh, I hear ya, lady. It's tough out there for us tripod girls.

  2. Love this striped dress. I like the necklace paired with it.

    Too bad about the wedges. I tend to become obsessed with an item until I find one too. I am on the hunt for a mustard colored pencil skirt and cannot find one anywhere! I like the Black Steve Madden ones you have shown. Those look cute and comfy!

    And sorry about the creepy old dude! Way to make a girl just trying to take photos uncomfortable!

  3. I don't have creepy old guys bother me when Josh takes my pictures, but I certainly have creepy old guys STARE at me. Then Josh always mutters something like, "I wish I could go spray them with mace." Ah, love :)

  4. I adore the dress! I need more stripes in my life and I should stop buying polka dots :D

    My votes are for
    Michael Antonio Galactic Sandal, $30 at DSW and Nine West Braxton, $70 at Zappos

  5. I say you lucky bitches who have cameras! ;)
    But yes that is super creepy!

    <3 Sarah

  6. LOVE this outfit!! and EEEEEW!!!! I hate creepy men...that's so gross :( Pooo
    All of those wedges are perfection, I think I like the multi-color strap ones the most :)

  7. Oh I feel you on this one- while I usually have Mario take my photos - when we are out and about we do get stares. Funny I was just thinking about the creepy old guy factor after having some random guy try to chat me up at the gym- of all places do not bother me at the gym! Starbucks also seems to be a place for creepy older guy factor... part of me hopes that it's just their idea of trying to be funny, but yeah...it's just plain old creepy. I wouldn't let it get to you. It's not you its them.

  8. OH! hehe and I forgot to tell you how much I love that dress on you!

  9. You are making me want to go show shopping something fierce! And yeah, that dude sounds super creepy...he must have thought he was being charming/funny with the police mention but ugh.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. LOL - I just avoid taking outfit photos in public places!

    Love your dress today. Great photos too, despite the creepy old man. Can't wait to see which wedges you choose - I love those pink ones!

  11. Loveeee the wedges, and your pup is adorable! <3




  12. LMAO!! If you find a phototog BF, please introduce me to his cute friends, yeah?

    All those shoes are totally drool-worthy! And I adore that shirt dress!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  13. That dress looks fantastic. It's a great look. Cute shoes too - I know what you mean about the comfort thing. I just bought a pair of wedges (also Chinese Laundry) and they're not very comfortable at all.

  14. OH Mercy! I loved that story! I was in Greece once upon a time and attracted many many creepy old men. I'm pretty sure that it was because I was wearing a polka dot dress and maybe it reminded them of their mamas? Maybe that's what classic prints do? That dress is luvvvvvvly!

  15. Wedges are great! I love the Mrkt Candy Wedge Sandals!

    Thank you for the lovely comment, dear!



  16. That is a great style on you. Fabulous with the wedge heels.

  17. Wedges, wedges, wedges! I can't get enough of them either!! Great picks!


  18. so cute! love that dress!


  19. i like the ninewest ones... even tho they dont have that color in ur size. maybe theres another color that looks great?


  20. "You lucky bitches" hahah! Yes, having someone else around to take the photos would have certainly defused a few awkward encounters I have had while taking blog photos! Creepers be creeping!

  21. Yes, a male photographer deters the creeps!

    When my Beefy was out of town, I was "brave" and used the tripod at a local park for three days. I had plenty of unwanted attention. I was so happy when he returned!

  22. Love this outfit! The pink wedge is so cute!

  23. Adorable shoes! This is a great look.


  24. I love all of those wedges especially the Nine West one's. Can you believe Old Navy has a copycat version of the Steven Madden Espadrille?! I love your dress it's so cute and the necklace goes perfect with it.

    Ewwww..to the weird and creepy guy. I'll pray for you to find a good spot and full time photographer. :)

  25. Hey! Louis directed me to your site since I'm in aspiring style/beauty blogger as well. I FEEL you re: the wedge search. I discovered an incredible pair from Honey and Hive that I blogged about last summer (they still have them, in the tan color I think on Piperlime) and I have those Steve Madden Fantastik. Not going to lie, they are way higher than I'd buy usually, but I had to have them since they are dupes of Jen An's Stuart Weitzman ones! Anyways, here's a link to that post if you want to see the product links for the wedges! http://wendypray.wordpress.com/2010/06/21/summer-essentials/

  26. Gorgeous photos - I adore your dress, the stripes look fantastic - such a perfect summery look! :)


  27. great wedges! you chose a perfect pair!

  28. i LOVE your outfit!!! so chic :)


  29. Nice Wedges. if I had seen your picks I may have waited before purchases 2 pairs from Piperlime today. They are having a sale by the way and for the first i was able to afford something from there. They have shoes for 29.99

  30. wedges are the best.. they really go with everything.

  31. even with a photographer husband I still have to deal with creepy old dudes. Once this guy just up and parked his car right by where we were snapping pics and watched. SO weird and definitely creepy.

  32. I love your outfit. :) Move over Elle woods (when I saw your puppy, I had that feeling!)

    But anyway, I have been on a hunt for the perfect pair of wedges. My old Roxies need a new home.

  33. i need that dress for work i think!

  34. Ha! I only have to worry about my BF bothering me when I'm taking pics. Though he can be kinda creepy at times.

    My vote is for the Michael Antonio Galactic Sandal. Lately I've been shying away from the traditional wedge, as one rock can throw you completely off balance.

  35. What a cute dress! I have a hard time with wedges that have ankle straps, they always cause chaffing so I ended up going with flip-flop/thong styled wedges. I hope you find something before the end of summer!

  36. Sorry about the creepy old man. That's one of the reasons I always take my pictures in the same place; I'm still not ready for the unwanted attention. Like from skeevy old dudes.

    This outfit is gorgeous. I love the striped dress and that clutch blows me away every time you carry it.

  37. Aw. Well, best of luck to you with both cute/comfy wedges and creep old men. At least old dudes at a country club would be RICH...and creepy.

    Your outfit is so chic. Can you really blame the creepy old guy?

  38. I know what you mean about being a magnant for undesirables
    I never get the cute hunky guy
    love this dress and the accessories even if the shoes are uncomfortable

  39. Haha, this post cracked me up! Maybe the hot potential boyfriends are afraid to speak up, so all you hear from are the creepy old dudes. But at least they provide you with good stories :) Of course my favorite pair of wedges are the ones you say are no longer available (the Nine Wests). But I think they all look cute and versatile! Keep us updated on what you pick :)

  40. Hahaha, you do great pictures on your own, hey at least you got yourself a fan :)
    You look AMAZING in that dress, beautiful.
    Wedge speaking: love the nine west ones, I have them and they are SUPER comfortable.


  41. (a) I love your dress.
    (b) WHY are comfortable sandals so hard to find?!
    (c) No, it never ends with the creepy dudes. Sad, but true story. Argh! Creepy dudes!

  42. I love this dress.

    You sized the guy up fairly well I'd say. Challenge yourself to go there again.

    Actually, one of pleasures of being older is that men know to be courteous...unless they're drunk.

  43. OK I see now what you meant by creepy old dudes! But you do look good in this striped dress so can't blame him, though he should'nt have made weird comments!

  44. Creeeeeepy! But at least you look pretty! HA

  45. Ooo, I love the yellow or pink wedges- such great prices too! Also love striped shirtdress, such a great classic look!

    Gah, that really sucks about the creepy dude! Maybe he wont' be there next time?

    star-crossed smile

  46. Those creepy old dudes should be more scared of your vicious threat of a watchdog!

    For real, though, I am pretty lucky to be able to get photographed in the privacy of my own backyard. I am way too lazy to go anywhere else.

    You look awesome in that stripey number! Nautical! Yay!

  47. I like wedges and your dress is beautiful !

  48. Ahh you're making me want to go to DSW. This outfit is really cute, you should be a magnet for all guys, not just the old creepy ones! Maybe you can move to a more secluded location in the yacht club?

  49. HAHAHA! Ohhhh man, that's such a funny story. What a weirdo. And I agree with Laurel, If it happens again you should just sick Chloe on him :)

  50. Seriously love this outfit! And I'm so amazed at your pictures! (I always do the same pose!) You are amazing and inspiring! :o)

    xo, sam


  51. IF it makes you feel any better, I have a husband who takes 0.1 % of my pictures.
    And to make it even worst I had a guy call me up to "buy" my car (it has a for sale sign" and then the guy tells me he doesn't really want to buy it, he just wants to date me... creepy indeed.

  52. I know it's been a few years since this post but I just had to write and tell you how much I love this dress. It is beautiful on you!

  53. I know it's been a few years since this post but I just had to write and tell you how much I love this dress. It is beautiful on you!


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