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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The other reason I really need a photographer

I don't know why I think that I can play with fire and not get burned. Of course I could have been more careful, but electronics and sand do not ever mix, especially when you throw in a tripod, uneven terrain, and wind.

Today I took a day off (I know, random Wednesday, but whatever) and went to the beach. Obviously the camera came for my outfit shots. I made a resolution this summer; I wanted to get out of the driveway more. I LOVE looking at blogs where the outfit photos are taken in different locations every day and I resolved to do that more this summer.

I like the beach, it's pretty, and I've already gone there for photos on five other occasions for photos without incident.
Not today.
I didn't bury the legs of the tripod in the sand, and when a small gust of wind came along, it fell lens first into the sand. The focusing ring is now full of sand, it wont move. The body is sandy as well.
This means sending it in to Canon to be cleaned, and being without a camera for up to two weeks.

So obviously, if I had a photographer, I wouldn't have to worry about a small gust of wind blowing them face first into the sand. And I wouldn't have to worry about creepy dudes talking to me.
Right now, I'm just feeling so put-out. I love blogging, and I love taking my outfit photos, and I want to take the best photos I possibly can, but here I sit, with a camera full of sand, and a heart full of ache.
And assuming it costs at least $100 to clean, maybe I need to put my wedge quest on hold.

But lets just talk about the clothes now, shall we?
Playing with fire
The one piece swim suit. I've decided that this is the only kind of suit I can wear while keeping my decency intact. Those triangle bikini tops make me look like a cheap whore and the bandeau style, while offering more modesty, give zero support.
This ruched one piece by DKNY offers me a nice bit of camo for my flabby belly, good coverage for the girls, and lets me ruche up the sides for the illusion of a longer leg line.
Playing with fire
So, I've never been this exposed on the blog before. I guess I'm okay with it, but don't expect to see it again!
Playing with fire Playing with fire Playing with fire Playing with fire Playing with fire
The Rundown
Swimsuit DKNY - Coverup Coco's on the Green - Floppy Hat Target - Starfish Ring c/o LuShae Jewelry - Bracelets Kohls and The Cavernous Jewelry Box


mary louise said...

oh my gosh i'm so sorry about your camera! heartbreaking :(
the pictures turned out great though. i love the cover up!


Terri said...

You look gorgeous in this suit and coverup. The cut of the suit is very flattering. Have you checked out whether a local camera shop could do the cleaning for you a bit faster and perhaps cheaper?

Courtney Erin said...

I'm so sorry about your camera - that totally sucks! I really hope they are able to fix it up for you...and that the experience doesn't sour you on the whole location for outfit shots thing (that would really be a shame)!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Ashley said...

I am sooooo sorry about your camera loss! On the bright side, the pictures you did manage to get turned out beautiful. Trust me, sometimes having a photographer handy doesn't work well, either. I made my boyfriend take pictures at the beach today and they turned out horrible. The lighting was way too harsh. It makes me sad. I don't think they're even salvageable with tons of editing.

Sil said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your camera. I know it is not easy taking your own picture everyday... and you are really good at it. I hope it doesn't cost too much to get the camera cleaned.

You look wonderful for a day at the beach.

Tabitha said...

L - you look fabulous and I too not only need a good photographer, but I really really am in agreement with the one-piece. It looks great on you!

Frannie Pantz said...

I don't want to hear any talk from you about flabby anything because you look like a REAL GORGEOUS WOMAN. I have favored one pieces too as of late. They are just more comfortable!

I am so sad for you about your camera. That sucks! I lost my camera for a while last year when one of my kids dropped it and messed up the lens cover thing. I hope it all works well!

Also congrats on the outdoor photos. You have been doing very well. I had the same resolution with my blog. It really helps to build such great confidence and makes for better photos. However, being a self timer girl as well, it doesn't come without risk. Your photos are always fantastic.

Megan said...

I'm new to your blog- but I have to say, I'm amazed by your photos! I know exactly what you are saying about not having a photographer. I feel like every time I find a new blog that I love, once I dig a little deeper, I find out that all the amazing photos were taken by boyfriends or even boyfriends who are professional photographers! As a single lady trying to work on my photography skills, I don't find that inspirational at all! However, when I found your blog and realized that you were taking your own photos, I was totally inspired to get back on the (figurative) blogging horse. So, as depressing as it sometimes gets, maybe it will help to know that you inspire me (and I'm sure a few others) with your daily photo shoots!

P.S. Love the coverup!

Evil Nelly said...

so sorry to hear about the camera! my heart goes out to you, i cant even imagine what i wud do if it happened to me! hereafter, I am taking someone with me, just in case! hopefully, you'll get back ur cam soon without too much trouble and expense..

i have to tell u how fabulous u look, if i ever wear a swimsuit, i would buy the exact same one that u got! that coverup is simply gorgeous!

and No, ur not a creepy old dude magnet. no way.. he was just too drunk and was probably trying to be funny..


Jess said...

Oh no! That really stinks about your camera! Hopefully, it won't be too expensive to clean.

DaniellaBella said...

That is so rough about the camera. The worst. But on the upside you look fantastico! I love the suit and that beautiful cover up! Good on you for baring all!

Anne said...

Wow, way to look fantastic at the beach! The beach is pretty much the last place I worry about how I look (is that weird?), but you're rocking some serious beach chic.

So sorry to hear about your camera :( I hope it comes back as good as new!

The Fashionista's said...

Ummmmmm....first of all, you are SO gorge. Your whole beach look is amazeballs! I am seriously in love with that cover-up. I had a DKNY one piece three years ago (pre baby) and loved it. It wasn't dowdy and was modern and sexy unlike the more classic cuts that Speedo cranks out. Now it is Magisuit all the way as I am in dire need of industrial strength elastic to keep the post baby belly in check...lol!

So sorry to hear about your camera :(

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Sara said...

Ugh, I've gotten sand in a camera myself; it sucks! Sorry to hear it.

On the up side, you look pretty darn hot in that breezy coverup! Not a bad set of photos to go out on, right?!

Gray Skies said...

That sucks about your camera. I got some dust on my lens once and had to send it away to be cleaned - on the bright side, it ended up getting fixed a lot faster than I thought it would, so maybe that will happen with you!

LOVE your cover-up!

Mrs. J said...

Sorry about your camera and I hope you can find a place that will fix it quickly for you. You look fabulous and I love your cover-up. That bathing suit is on my summer wishlist now.

I think the beach is calling me since I haven't went in 3 years. :)

kileen said...

oh no!! i'm so sorry to hear about your camera. hopefully canon will fix it right up for ya. you look amazing in your swimsuit and it's very flattering for the legs!

cute & little
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dahhlayne said...

Sad face for the camera. :( Goodness, sand is like a disease for cameras!! And I totally understand the difficulty of maintaining self-portraits. I don't understand where some bloggers find certain locations for their's because I'd have to go pretty far to actually find a decent spot to take photos. Or maybe I'm just picky. Anyways...that swimsuit...is gorgeous. Don't get why some people only classify two pieces as sexy. Anything can be sexy as long as you WORK IT and you totally do. :)


this free bird said...

oh for sh*t sake i can't believe that happened to the camera. how the h*ll are you (we/us/) supposed to get by for 10 days or whatever w/zero outfit pics.

drudge up favorites from the past!! for SURE!!

and ps that coverup is off the chain.


Sue said...

I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your camera. That's disappointing, and yes, it will be an expensive trip to Canon to get it cleaned. But worth it to make sure no sand remains.
There's nothing wrong with a one-piece bathing suit, you look very stylish and sexy (in the right sense) and the suit is very flattering. Love the cover-up.

Mimi said...

i'm really sad to hear that happened to your camera! :(

on the bright side though, your one piece is perfect! i am a one-piece suit kinda girl too. :) and your coverup is so pretty! :D

<3, Mimi

Sara said...

You look absolutely divine in these photos, the bathing suite is lovely but the coverup is to die for, I totally love it, the colors are amazing and I also like the floppy hat. I’m so sorry for you camera, I don’t think there is anything more horrible then having you camera broken, I hope it wont cost you a fortune to fix it. I'm a new follower!

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Franca said...

Sorry to hear avout your camera, hope it gets returned to you in full working order soon!

I really love the coverup!

Paul said...

You look absolutely sensational.
One pieces are the way forward - I will be taking three with me on holiday this year instead of bikinis.
I love the cover-up.

Closet Fashionista said...

OH NO! That stinks about your camera... :( I hope its not too expensive to clean :(
And I love these photos, you look so amazing! I still have yet to find the perfect one piece for myself, I'm sick of all my bikinis, I feel too exposed, haha

Nikki said...

If I wouldn't live so darn far away, I would LOVE to take your outfit photos everyday. I do things without a photographer, but I also don't have a tripod so I can rarely take outfit photos. You should really see me, sometimes I stack a bunch of chairs and put the camera on top, haha :) I hope your camera gets fixed and that you can get back to taking photos :) I also wanted to say you have such great legs! And i love seeing this beach outfit ^^ x

SheDel said...

Your body is GORGEOUS!!! You look so breathtaking standing there. You are such a beautiful woman!!! that cover up is GORG!! it looks great on you!


MosaMuse said...

very cute! your coverup is so pretty!!


MosaMuse said...

very cute! your coverup is so pretty!!


two birds said...

ok that coverup is amazing, and i love your suit, too. these photos, while taken by yourself, look very professional. i thought that you were a model in the first one! beautiful!

very married said...

oh dear! what a sad story! some days are just bad days but don't stop taking pictures. we love them!

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha oh yes, you shall be invited to the wedding ;)

eek said...

Windy days make for great photos but are bad for cameras. So sorry to hear about it! Luckily it's just sand that has to be cleaned...a pain but at least the camera isn't broken.

Stefany said...

ah im so sorry about your camera! :( if its any consolation I love your bathing suit and your colorful coverup! :)

geetabix said...

The swimsuit and coverup look fabulous! You're so lucky to have a beach nearby but I'm sorry it invaded your camera :/

Style Journey said...

So sorry about your camera, but if it's any consolation, you are rocking the bathing suit! It has a great fit and look great in your beach photos! I have yet to find a nice one piece bathing suit.


Such a pretty cover-up! Great photos!


Sarah Dee said...

that sucks about your camera!!! =(
but on the other hand you look fabulous in that suit!!! And I absolutely love the cover up (its so unique ;)

<3 Sarah

Piper Alexander said...

Your coverup is GORGEOUS!!!

Ellie said...

So sorry about your camera!!! I must say though, you did get some amazing photos!

rlutz said...

You look amazing in that one piece. I have been looking for one, so I am going to go check it out!! That coverup rocks!! Damn camera in the sand!

Gracey said...

You look amazing - that cover up is just perfect.

And I'm so sorry about your camera - maybe Terri's suggestion about a local shop fixing it will work. I hate to see you gone for two whole weeks!

Style Eyes said...

So sorry about your camera, I know how lost I would feel without mine. Love the colours in the coverup, you look great in these photos.

jess said...

Sorry about your camera. The photos did come out great. I love the print on your coverup.

Amber Blue Bird said...

oh man sorry about your camera, thats a bummer and half. At least it can be fixed! Oh and props to you for wearing your swimsuit on your blog, you look great in that suit.

Sarah said...

My heart is aching a little for your camera too. But the photos turned out so glamourous! I also decided on a one piece this year. I went with a vintage-style red halter from Etsy.

Lorena said...

Ouch !
Maybe you can find a "DIY" for leans cleaning ? just a thought.
Nevertheless your pictures came out really, really pretty.
That first one is one of my fave of yours - and I dont think a two pcs would make you look like a whore !

Kavery said...

I heart one-pieces. And I heart your cover up too. Looking verrry glam and cool. Hope it doesn't cost too much to get the lens cleaned.

Vanessa said...

My heart is in my throat just thinking about the last time I watched my lens and camera body topple forward - it was on cement and it made a terrible clanking sound. The threaded ring that keeps the lens cap attached got a little wiggly, but no other major problems. I have, however had beach sand cause major scratches to my lens... it sucks. I hope yours is fixable quickly and without costing too much.

Shea said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry about your camera. Hmmm...do you have a good friend who would let you borrow her camera for a couple of weeks while yours gets fixed? I know so many people who have cameras (probably not as nice as yours, but still) they rarely use. Good luck! Oh, and I couldn't comment without saying how gorgeous and glamorous you look in these photos!!

Stephanie said...

First, love that coverup. The geometric look over the solid black suit is really working for the ensemble.

Second, I'm sorry about the camera. That blows.

Third, I got your question on my blog about Essie Super Bossa Nova. Sorry it took me so long to respond! I've been busy and haven't been checking comments. I can think of a couple reasons why it may have dried with bumps/bubbles. First, if you did your nails near a ceiling fan or bedside fan or a vent it may have caused the polish to bubble. This happens to me all the time. Second, if you shook or rolled the bottle beforehand and didn't wait for the polish to settle it also could have caused bubbles. Otherwise it may be suspended pigment in the polish.

I hope that helps!

Eyeliah said...

oh no poor camera :(

on the plus side, you are daring and freakin gorgeous!!!! great pictures of your beach adventure. :)

Alex Elizabeth said...

Oh nooooooooo... iPhone photos? Do you have a point and shoot?

I love these photos. The coverup is super amazing and floaty. I only wear one pieces nowadays too. I would love to be able to wear the high waisted bikinis that are coming back into style but I look awkward in them. You need a really defined waist to wear them... I think they'd look good on you!

silvergirl said...

so sad about your camera, but baby i am in love with this cover up!!!
to sexy for words

Claire said...

gorgeous cover up and love the hat!


Londyn said...

I feel your pain - I need a photographer too (though you do MUCH better than I do in my 5 min morning picture rush!).

You look so chic and beautiful in these shots. You should expose more often! ;)

Xenia L. said...

Awww that's sad to read!!!! Cheer up, you'll get your camera back very soon, looking forward to more pics taken with your Canon!

PS. I always think I need a photographer too... Too bad we don't live nearby. Sigh.




Dina's Days said...


Bre said...

Your photos look amazing and I am SO sorry that happened to you. I missed this post this summer but I have something to say about it:

It's nice when bogs have a different location for pic but they usually have a photographer. It makes a world of difference. I am here to tell you!