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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Orange glow

The weather this weekend was, in a word, cruddy. Friday was nice, so I'm posting Friday's outfit.
But other than the weather, I actually had a pretty great weekend. I got to have dinner with an old friend who I hadn't seen in pretty much forever; I got an important but annoying task over with, had an amazing lunch with my Mom who was trying her damnedest to get me to hit on our adorable waiter (I'm such a flirting failure, it's not even funny), and I went shopping.
lunch at ballos truffles
As far as the things on my summer wishlist: red shorts, new espadrilles (old ones are falling apart), and a cute, bright dress that would work for day and evening --- I got none of those.

I did go into Old Navy and buy that pink and cream chevron top I'd blogged about because I couldn't get it out of my head, and then I saw a pair of oversized seafoam sunnies. Which, honestly, when have you EVER seen a pair of sunnies like that? For $7? I really couldn't help myself.
Shirt seafoam sunnies
Also my most recent ebay win arrived in the mail; more on that tomorrow.

Orange Glow
Orange Glow Orange Glow
Orange Glow Orange Glow
The Rundown
Striped Shirt Gap - Orange Ruffled Skirt Tinley Road - Woven Clutch London Fog - Cork Sandals MRKT Holly via DSW - Necklace Kie & Kate "Stormy Sea" - Sliced Leather Cuff - Esty via Arterhaar - Ring Kohls - Sunnies Old Navy - Nail Color Sally Hansen The Real Teal


  1. I know how you feel my Saturday pictures were stopped by rain. You look GREAT though and I love your skirt. That clutch is fabulous!

    ps. Good buy with the Old Navy top and sunglasses.

  2. That is one the best clutches I've seen around. Our weekend started out rainy then got quite hot and humid

  3. Those sunnies are adorable! How do they fit?

    Sounds like a great weekend! Too bad it's almost over...

  4. Love the outfit :D
    And that chocolate thing in the first picture looks soooo tasty!!!
    I'm a flirting failure too, haha...oh well I'll just be single forever :)
    AND I love those sunnies!

  5. You look so cute in my favorite color, orange you glad? heehe Hey I'm a flirting failure too! I thought I was the only one, welcome to the club. I'm so bad I don't even notice when someone is flirting with me, till someone else mentions it, and then I still can;t see it. Anyways, cute outfit.

  6. Lovely outfit. That clutch is really cute... Yeah, it seems that for some people flirting can come naturally but me... naah. I end up just looking annoyed or something haha!

  7. this might be one of my favorite outfits of yours!! its so adorable i don't even know where to start!!! lovelovelove every thing xoxox


  8. The color of the skirt is beautiful on you, and I love the expandable basket-weaved clutch! Glad you had such a nice weekend despite the weather!

    ♥, Jamie

  9. Great bag - and that lunch looks delicious.

  10. You look awesome in this outfit. The color of the skirt really looks great against the tone of your skin. That clutch is super chic.. and those shoes! NICE!

    I think I NEED that pink chevron striped top you bought at Old Navy. And those SUNNIES! To die for! Glad you got to have lunch with your mom... aren't mom's awesome?

    Cheers! xoxo

  11. Wow wow wow what a wonderful clutch!!! It goes excellent with your shoes!;) U look great!!!!

  12. I LOVE your orange skirt -- what a great shape and fab color!
    xo Josie

  13. Aw, crap weather is, well, crap. But glad you had a good weekend, regardless.

    You look far too awesome. Seriously. That bag? Yup, I NEED IT.


  14. Great look! Love the skirt and clutch!


  15. LOVE the sandals and the skirt. the combo looks amazing on you :)

    ps. those shades are such a steal!

  16. Fab blue sunglasses! Love them. Have a great day ~ xox Alexandra

  17. I love these sandals and your sailing-inpired colours!

    The turquoise sunnies are an absloute must, you were right... Looking forward to seeing them again!

  18. You mix prints so damn well! Glad you got the liar liar reference too!

  19. Really love your skirt! :) Follow me if you like my blog :)

  20. A. I love that your mom wanted you to hit on the waiter. Moms are so awesome (and crazy).
    B. You absolutely needed those sunnies...I kind of want a pair now, too. Eeps those are great!!
    C. Your outfit is outstanding. I love the color of the skirt and the print mix. Wonderful.


  21. Those sunglasses are adorable! Great find. And I love your clutch in the outfit photos - that's such a fabulous piece.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  22. I like the chevron top. I've had my eye on that one.

  23. LOVE this outfit! The statement necklace and woven bag are the perfect accessories for the fun ensemble!

    Happy Monday!

    <3 Amanda

  24. My mom totally used to do that when we'd go out! Waiter, bartender, cashier at the store, random guy on the train - anyone could have been my potential dream guy.

    I love your new shirt! And that orange skirt is so cute!

  25. The whole outfit looks so amazing. I adore that clutch and the sweet skirt! Have a lovely Monday, sunshine

  26. Those sunnies are perfection...and so are the sandals!

  27. Ha. Better luck next time. I'm trying to be super-structured about my purchases these days, but somehow something ridiculous (like sunglasses) always manages to seduce me... ; )

  28. Goodness, that outfit with the sunlight? Just stunning girl! And that chevron top looks fantastic on you! Can't wait to see you style it up (could I be more of a stripes fangirl??).

    xx Melina

  29. the weather sucked around here too! But your Friday outfit is stunning! That necklace is just beautiful...xo

  30. I went to DSW today but they only had one pair of MRKT shoes :( Love that skirt so much! I'm glad you decided to get the seafoam sunglasses too!

  31. Love that chevron top and seafoam sunnies? I was just drooling over Burberry ones I saw in Lucky Mag...might have to run to Old Navy.

  32. Man, I totally overlooked the sunglasses when I went to Old Navy the other day :(
    I love the ways you've styled this skirt--it looks great with the stripes and faux-thropologie necklace!

  33. I say next time just give the waiter "the eyes". That way he'll flirt with you and that's always so much easier!

  34. loving your look here, but obsessing over the cute little bag!
    you are making me hungry looking at those yummy food pictures. :)

  35. love the clogs! and your brights! amazing pieces. keep it up
    big love, wwndie xxx


  36. the style of your hair with your outfit is perfect. Love!

  37. I'm seriously loving that skirt color! Ruffled, orange perfection.

  38. wow!! amazing skirt,amazing look!! :)
    I really love your blog and your style! I follow U! :D

    If you want, visit my blog too and follow me back ;)


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