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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blogging under the influence

I've never participated in Modly Chic's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday questions before, but this weeks set, about the strangeness of fashion, and the influence that style blogging has on one's style, really resonated with me.

Especially since this weekend resulted in my spending my entire budget for July, on things that are a direct result of my reading blogs.

Since you began blogging do you notice a change in the types of things you gravitate towards while shopping?

First it was a pair of Red Jeans. I'd been wanting a pair since the fall, and more and more of my blogger friends were getting them, I was getting jealous and desperate, so I tried my last ditch shopping effort - typing into googles shopping search engine. A listing at eCrater came up, and I'd never even heard of eCrater, but evidently it's just a place where anyone can set up an online shop.
There was a pair, in my size, for $22, they just seemed like they would be perfect.
Red jeans on This Free Bird
Next, the Striped H&M Blazer. I first saw this blazer on Denji and wanted it that instant. At that point I was too late to find it at H&M, and to make matters worse, suddenly it seemed every other blogger out there was wearing it. So I got a little obsessed, started looking at every blogger who had it to see if they were going to sell it. Finally I found one, but she's in Europe and the cost of shipping + the conversion of the weak-ass dollar was killing me. I'd told the girls about the blazer at last weeks blogger meet up, and on Friday Megan (Thank You!!!) sent me a message saying that she'd found another blogger (in the states) with the blazer in her blog shop!
I freaked out, and sent an email to secure the blazer as my own that instant.
If not for blogging, that blazer would not be on it's way to me right now.
If not for blogging, I would never have known that blazer existed in the first place.
Striped blazer on Denji
Finally, the Starfish Cuff Bracelet. A few weeks ago Diana posted about this gorgeous starfish cuff she'd gotten from a Spanish store called Bimba and Lola, but she store doesn't ship to the USA. If you don't live in the states, you can go buy the cuff. Even if I could get it, the cuff which is on sale for 22 would end up costing somewhere in the ballpark of $55 after tax and shipping.
For those of us in the USA, the only starfish cuff I could find was one at Anthropologie, for a super Anthro-like price tag of $198.
But I went to TJMaxx this weekend, and what is sitting there under that glass jewelry counter? A starfish cuff. The brand is St. Thomas, the cost was $40 (the best deal yet) and it was exactly what I wanted.
But I can't help but wonder, had I not seen the cuff on Diana, would it have caught my eye? Would I have thought $40 was a good deal?
Starfish Cuff on Diana
My Starfish Cuff
So my answer to question one is a big fat yes. 

Do you find, as a fashion blogger, that you dress differently from your family and friends? Do they comment on that?
Yes. I think the best example that I have is my little sister accusing me of dressing in a deliberately non-conformist way, when in fact I am conforming, just to a different standard - the style blogger standard.
For the most part, my family, friends and coworkers all know about the blog and the outfit photos and no longer toss out the ever annoying "What are you all dressed up for?" comment.

What’s the weirdest fashion that you secretly like, even if you aren’t bold enough to wear it?
Ohhh, I never keep my fashion obsessions a secret.

Looking at current trends – what would you like to try but need to build up the courage to do?
Printed pants. I've seen some gals doing them well, but I'm worried about them making me look really short/wide/juvenile ect. ect.

Toot someone’s horn – which fashion blogger out there inspires you with her bold fashion choices?
Recently I've been digging Late Afternoon's posts, but it might just be a case of camera envy - she's got the same lens that I do, the 50mm 1.4, but the bokeh is just so much prettier. Sure, a full frame camera is only $2,500 - I can swing that, and then I'll pick up this gorgeous ONA Camera bag for $309 while I'm at it...
Late Afternoon

And just so we are clear about how much of an influence blogging has on my fashion choices, Thursday I read about the Marc by Marc Jacobs resort collection, Friday, I wear it.
resort wear


  1. Yea, this is sooo true, when I read everyone's posts with their answers I felt the same way. I wouldn't have half the stuff in my closet if it wasn't for blogging, haha
    (and you're welcome about the jacket ;) )

  2. I have a pair of thrifted printed pants (nice label and design) and I've been saving them for . . . who knows what. Sometimes I feel like they make you look older, and I of all personal style bloggers do not need that. You go first with yours, and then I will post mine . . . maybe. ; )

  3. Dangit! Now I want the blazer. And the starfish cuff.

  4. I like your post Lyddie, very honest answers, great find of the star cuff!

  5. hahahahaha, I love this post Lydia! It is so true! I also become obsessed with items and I must have them right away- like I drop everything and search search search online or in stores until it is mine! You make such a good point- would said item even have caught my eye if I didn't see it on a blogger?

    Anyways, loved reading your answers and love your new purchases, even if they did cause you to blow your July budget ;)

    star-crossed smile

  6. Loved this post and yes, the items you liked from other blogs are fantastic! That h&m blazer is gorgeous! Oh, and the Marc by marc is as well! I have major photo envy of other blogger as well, but I'm learning!!!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  7. I know what you mean. Bloggers are such enablers and I so want that starfish cuff!


    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. I'm drooling over your starfish cuff! What a steal! What a find! And I couldn't agree with you more about the major influence of fashion blogs on my own style. And the Marc Jacobs look at the end? You're rockin it! I think I like the yellow belt you've got much more than the original! It gives the whole look a bit of an edge! ;)

  9. I`m going to be the tenth person to say wow, that starfish cuff is CUTE!

  10. I know what you mean! Without blogging I would have never known that people wear vintage! And that is by far my favorite thing!

    <3 Sarah

  11. At first I started to cuss out blogger seeing a picture of myself from last week come up and then was like...wait a minute...

    Anyway--yes I am totally guilty of seeing a blogger wear something and then stalking it down relentlessly. Blogging awakens a different world with combos I might not otherwise see--gets my curiosity going for things I hadn't considered. Like that starfish cuff...dangit!


  12. At first I started to cuss out blogger seeing a picture of myself from last week come up and then was like...wait a minute...

    Anyway--yes I am totally guilty of seeing a blogger wear something and then stalking it down relentlessly. Blogging awakens a different world with combos I might not otherwise see--gets my curiosity going for things I hadn't considered. Like that starfish cuff...dangit!


  13. Hi hun, loved your honest amswers here, alot of them ring true for me too.
    Thanks for your comment too xox

  14. Haha, these are great questions! After I started reading fashion blogs, I definitely noticed how it influenced what I bought as well. :D

  15. I love this post - and that you included the Marc Jacobs inspired look at the end, you did such an amazing job with that. And I seriously need a starfish cuff now. Like a lot.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  16. i never thought about getting wardrobe pieces from other bloggers! also, i hate the dreaded, "why are you dressed up?" question too. it's like... what? don't i ALWAYS look this good??

  17. I really want a pair of red jeans, but haven't found any that I like yet. I had red jeans in Jr. High, but I'm okay with wearing a trend a second time.

  18. I love your post! I feel the same way about my fashion influences. I hadn't ever seen anyone wear red jeans in real life, just online, but they seemed totally normal to me when I put them on and wore them around town. Bravo for you for taking the time to answer the questions this week! I am too lazy still...

  19. Love the starfish bangle, if you ask me, its nicer than the one above it! Isn't it lovely when you get it cheaper than you thought!?

    Girl about Town XxX

  20. It's like a chain reaction !
    Now I want th starfish cuff too. But i don't want to pay 40 bucks for it.... so the search begins.....

  21. #1 new emotion of blogging for me:

    bad case of camera envy...so green it's making grass jealous

  22. Loving all of these blazers - especially the striped one! The cuff is gorgeous too!


  23. That is so true, whenever I see a certain item on other bloggers pages I want it. I probably would never have known or seen it around my small town. For instances I want a starfish cuff and red jeans now..lol

    I have always been inspired by fashion collections. I always get great color combinations from them.

  24. These are such interesting thoughts! I've never thought of it like this... but it's SO true! seeing other bloggers tastes and styles is like reading a magazine and tagging pages with "i want this"! Love what you had to say about it.

  25. great post. interesting subject matter.

  26. This is a really cool post, I love the questions and answers!


  27. I love these questions because they help me get to know my blogger friends better. I love learning the history behind the blog and the bloggers' fashion. :)
    P.S. I always spend my monthly budget at the beginning of the month. Or in the month before. I don't even try to stick to a budget anymore.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  28. I feel the same way like I have a new code to dress by. Whenever I put together an outfit it has to pass this blogger test in my brain.

  29. AHHH! i lovvve your starfish cuff!! i am so excited you found one! its GORGEOUS! i have to agree with you -- blogging has definitely opened my eyes to trends/pieces i would have never really thought to get! i might have to keep a look out for that striped blazer...i kind of adore it! xoxo


  30. this strafish cuff is amazing!


  31. great post! i like ur marc by marc jacobs outfit

  32. Oh my goodness, I think it would be impossible for blogging NOT to change your style a little... or at least your approach to style. Loved reading your answers to this. Everything was very well said!

    xx Melina

  33. I love "this free bird". Havent run across the red pants yet.

  34. Ha, you are so right. I get influence right away. I want things that never thought of before but seeing them on the blogs makes me want them, like the hip bag that you posted about.
    Your cuff is beautiful.
    and I love the Marc Jacobs inspiration outfit that you are wearing.


  35. Damn. Do full frame cameras really make the difference? If so....I think I need to start saving up!

    I love your starfish cuff. So gorgeous. I'm so bad with jewelry. I just don't know how to wear it. It makes me sad, because it looks lovely on everyone else--including you!

  36. Great post! Love that starfish cuff. I wouldn't keep half my stuff if not for blogging either! xo style, she wrote

  37. OMG!! I love the green Blazer and the stripes blazer!!! Great post, inspiration pure!! Kisses!

  38. Love your answer to question 2 - that is so true!! That is part of why I love blogging. I have always felt like I dressed differently than everyone around me. Blogging now lets me be part of a style that I have always loved!



  39. I loved reading this, and I can identify so much with what you said. I can't begin to imagine what my life would be like without blogging--it's had such an impact on my life and my style. Your new purchases are awesome, and your recreation of the Marc Jacobs look is SO spot-on!

  40. i NEED a starfish cuff. WHERE can i find one in canada?! i know u cant answer that questions. haha. ps the girl in the green blazer has awesome style. i need to check out her blog!

  41. You have the most amazing style - I love you whole aesthetic! You have totally inspired me to delve into more brightly coloured pices in my wardrobe like your beautiful green blazer pictured above.

  42. Hahaha I just saw Marc Jacobs and was super obvious about it... did I tell you that already?

    Great. Now I want the blazer too.

  43. I need to improve my outfit blogging dramatically. I admire how you take your shots using remote controller. I have so many excuses for not taking good outfit pictures and I don't want excuses from myself, I have to find a way to improve :(

    50mm f/1.4 is my favorite lens! (I use it for food photography more, SC complains how cropped it is on my camera)

  44. i love your starfish cuff and your inspired runway look at the bottom :)



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