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No Time Other Than the Present

In the winter, there is rarely a perfect time for photos. They are taken when a sliver of an opportunity presents itself. The daylight hours are limited, and even as the minutes of sunlight do trickle back, it won't be noticeable for months. So in between errands with a wrinkled blouse, photos are taken, otherwise they won't be taken at all, and another week without posting might go by.

As you can see, all that snow didn't last, but the weathermen are promising a lot more this winter...

 blush silk top, black jeans, boots, grey cardigan-17.jpg blush silk top, black jeans, boots, grey cardigan-18.jpg blush silk top, black jeans, boots, grey cardigan-12.jpg blush silk top, black jeans, boots, grey cardigan-13.jpg blush silk top, black jeans, boots, grey cardigan-16.jpg blush silk top, black jeans, boots, grey cardigan-11.jpg
The Rundown
Blush Silk Blouse Max Studio via TJMaxx similar
Black Jeans Old Navy
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on eBay
Willis Bag Vintage Coach thrifted similar
Grey Cobblestone Cardigan c/o Cabi similar
Necklace "Scottie" LuxbyUK
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry


Snow Bird

Over the weekend we had our first snowfall of the season, and a pretty good one at that! We'd already been planning on getting our tree, and the snow just made the tree farm a little more magical. It also meant we did not take forever deciding which tree we wanted!

A little snow birdie told me this sweater is 40% off at Loft right now, so go scoop it up! I'm wearing a small, so you can see it's definitely meant to have an oversized fit. I kind of wish I'd gotten the extra small, but it is nice to have a super cozy sweater. This was one of the items that made it's way into my cart on Black Friday - I'd spotted it in the store a week prior and just knew I had to have it. I have the biggest weakness for white sweaters.

I can't believe Christmas is just two weeks from today! I still have so much shopping to do, including the gift for my extended family's grab bag. It's not easy to think of a gift that would be good for a guy or a girl age ranging from 26 to 66 and fitting in with a theme of 'warm and cozy'... I wish we'd just do secret santa!

 loft white sweater, brown leather boots, pom pom hat, tree hunt outfit-17.jpg snow covered trees.jpg loft white sweater, brown leather boots, pom pom hat, tree hunt outfit-20.jpg loft white sweater, brown leather boots, pom pom hat, tree hunt outfit-18.jpg loft white sweater, brown leather boots, pom pom hat, tree hunt outfit-12.jpg loft white sweater, brown leather boots, pom pom hat, tree hunt outfit-16.jpg loft white sweater, brown leather boots, pom pom hat, tree hunt outfit-14.jpg
The Rundown
Snow Bird Sweater Lou & Grey
Yoga Jeans Second Denim via Coco & Vera's Giveaway
Brown Boots "Mullin Spice" Clarks via eBay
Pom Pom Hat Gap similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Nail Color "Bordeaux" Essie


November Budget

I thought I might make it through November without shopping, but a few things were to tempting to resist. I started off the month by replacing my black gloves since I 1. Couldn't remember where I put my old ones at the end of last winter and 2. Did remember that the thumb had busted open at the seam, so perhaps I'd had the good sense to throw them out? Either way they needed replacing and I decided to give Glove.ly a try. What drew me to them was that they are leather touch gloves without the unsightly silver fingertips, every part of the glove can interact with the phone, and they have a cashmere lining. Plus I got them for under $40. I also love they have a magnetic 'clasp' to keep the gloves together when I toss them in my purse.

I also found myself in Banana Republic to finally exchange the dress I got in September for a smaller size. Thankfully there was still one left! Naturally I crossed paths with a rust colored blazer in a thick satin fabric, and since between the sale and my credit card rewards I could walk out the door with it for under $20, it didn't take much to convince myself. I keep saying I should save up my rewards and put them towards one big expensive thing, but that hasn't happened yet.

Twitter is accountable for my next purchase of the month. Here is what happened: a couple years ago I was watching the show Suits on USA. One of the characters was wearing this necklace I was instantly smitten with. Naturally I tweeted a screen capture of the necklace hoping that someone might know the designer. I never managed to trace it's origins, but then I got a message from LuxbyUK saying they'd made a replica of the necklace, and I agreed to purchase it at a discounted price in exchange for a blog post when their new site is up and running.

Lastly, there were a few gifted items. Dressbarn provided me with a $50 gift card to help promote their re-branding as Roz and Ali. I ended up with two pieces and spent $12 over the gift card. Next was a dress from eShakti, who I've worked with in the past and I believe they provide a good value for their customization service. Following that I was provided with some fun pieces from Tobi to style holiday looks, and lastly I ordered a pair of customized shoes from Shoes of Prey with a gift code I'd won in a blog giveaway.

A cyber monday purchase may have went through as well, but I'll wait and see how it works out...

Banana Republic Boyfriend Fit Shiny Blazer, $20
Glove.ly Leather Touch Gloves, $30
Roz & Ali Floral Maxi Skirt, $6 after gift card
Roz & Ali Faux Suede Jacket, $6 after gift card
LuxbyUK Custom "Scottie" Necklace, $60
Shoes of Prey Custom Pumps, won in giveaway
eShakti Graphic Print Wrap Dress, gifted