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Monday, May 3, 2010

An extra week in Italy

I never really paid any attention to the news the whole time I was in Italy. I sort of heard about the volcano in Iceland, but I was truly shocked on Saturday night when I found out that the airports were closed and that I would not be leaving Sunday morning.

Thank god I did not book this trip on my own and the travel agency stepped up to take care of the re-booking of my flight home. If left to my own devices, I'm quite sure that I would still be in Italy today, and rather than having a fun, relaxing week, I would have been just as miserable as the people stuck in airports.

So, we were told that the airports would open on Wednesday, and that our hotel would keep our room until then, so I was pretty excited about my three extra days.

April 18th
First order of business was to return to a store in town that had a leather bag I'd been eying earlier in the week, but was afraid to commit to, in case I found something better later on. Which I hadn't, and was actually bumming about missing my chance to get it.

So, slouchy suede bag for €35 became mine.

The rest of the day was spent exploring all the fun alleways of shops in Garda and relaxing by the lake.

Another day in Garda!

Lace cammi TJMaxx - Grey top TJMaxx - Jeans Kohls - Black sneakers Converse - Bag Avon - Sunglasses Simply Vera - Scarf TJMaxx - Coat Vertigo Paris

April 19th
We decided to walk to some of the other towns along the lake, and stopped in Bardolino
Vine covered walls

It was such a beautiful day, almost 80 degrees and so bright and sunny!


And I was maybe a tad overdressed...

Floral skirt TJMaxx - Red cardigan Free People - Yellow scarf Market in Italy - Black sneakers Converse - Denim Military Jacket NY&Co. - Sunglasses Simply Vera - Bag Avon - Earrings Kohl's 

Streets of Bardolino

April 20th
Bread Bike

What I thought would be my last day...

Garda, lakeside at night

and my last night.

But then I found out we still had no flight. Only we no longer could stay at our hotel!


Lace cammi TJMaxx - Skirt Desigual - Jacket H&M - Gold Wedges Onex - Earrings Gift - Bag Avon

A new hotel was booked, sight unseen.

April 21st
We left our hotel by the lake and set out to our new one, the Poiano. Our luggage was shuttled over, but we walked. I don't know why we walked - it was a five minute drive and we should have just taken a cab. Instead we traveled through some neighboroods that weren't too nice and began to get really worried about the hotel. I was having visions of some flee bag motel and was staring to get upset -- but then we go there.

First day at Poiano

Dress Simply Vera - Gold wedges Onex - Scarf Taken for Granite - Bag Avon - Earrings Taken for Granite

It was this absolutely gorgeous resort.

With this awesome pool.

Pool at Poiano

And I was feeling a whole lot better.

View from Poiano

April 22nd
The next few days were relaxation bliss, lying out poolside during the day, enjoying the karaoke piano player in the evening at the bar...

New Italian Dress

Dress Market in Italy - Sandals Naturalizer - Belt Gap - Swimsuit DKNY

I was quite content.

April 23rd
When the open air market was lake side again, we took the shuttle, and I bought the sandals that you already know about.

Waiting for the shuttle

Top Macys - Jeans Kohl's - Sandals Naturalizer - Scarf American Eagle - Coat Vertigo Paris - earrings Taken for Granite

It seemed like I was going to be in Italy forever, and I decided I was okay with that.

April 24th
But, all good things must come to an end, and I found out I finally had a flight home on Sunday.

Last day in Italy

Top DKNY - Skirt TJMaxx - Denim Military jacket NY&Co. - Sandals Steve Madden (borrowed from my sister) - Earrings Market in Verona - Bag Avon

I hope I get to go back soon.

Ahhhh and that is it! Sorry for the long post, but I think one whole week of Italy posts is enough! Italy was awesome, and I'm glad I got to share it with you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lake Garda

View from Lazise

Lake Garda is a really huge fresh water lake, and is surrounded by quaint little towns full of shops and restaurants and alleyways.

Our hotel in Garda was only a two minute walk from the lake, and all the lake towns could easily be traveled to by foot, bike, bus, or ferry boat.

April 14th
There is a traveling open air market, and on Wednesdays it is at Lazise, a 15 minute bus ride from Garda.
The town is built around a huge old castle and surrounded by walls. The market spanned the length of the water front and was similar to that of Florence, but the atmosphere was much more relaxed.

Castle walls around the town

I finally bought some stuff!!!

The Desigual Skirt
Desigual is a Spanish clothing company known for making apparel that is like no other. They use bold patterns and bright colors and make some really nice clothes. Really expenisve too. Nothing I could ever afford, even if we pretended the prices were in dollars and not euros.

I was not surprised when I saw lots of skirts and dresses in the market that were clearly Desigual knock-offs. Not that they weren't cute, but you could tell the fabric was thin and cheap and I wasn't interested.

Then I spotted this skirt. 

The tags and branding looked authentic. The material was thick and soft, and of yes, the skirt was adorable! Only €32 (okay, so it wasn't like they were giving it away, but hey).

Now that I've had a chance to check out their website, I found this in the spring collection. A bit shorter and with tricolor stitching on the bottom, but essentially my skirt.
So I'm not quite sure how this one came to be. Factory reject or high end knockoff, I don't know, but it's authentic enough for me.

Then I found this olive dress with a cool hemline, that I would describe as the asymmetrical bubble hem. It was €15 and I only had 14 so I tried to haggle and was unsuccessful so I had to go and borrow a euro! Everyone told me I could haggle at the markets, but the merchants never seemed to accept my offers.

The grey fedora was €12 and the yellow scarf was €6. I also couldn't find any country of origin on the fedora, which is suspicious. Generally when something is made in Italy they make it nice and obvious. A tremendous number of things in the market were made in China and India, I had to check absolutely everything, because really, why go to Italy and buy stuff made in China?!

I also got this straw hat for only €5 (photographic evidence of 'made in italy')

Day outfit
Taken in the mirror of a cool little shop;
Striped shirt Gap - Mustard cords Gap - Denim military jacket NY&Co. - Floral scarf Avon - Bag Avon - Shoes (oops, can't see them!) Black converse

Evening Outfit
Lake Garda
Striped shirt Gap - Floral Skirt TJMaxx - Black blazer Khol's - Black flats Steve Madden - Black bag Bandolino - Yellow Scarf Market in Italy

Hot guy of the day

Cute couple of the day
(they really were adorable, they begged at tables for food like dogs!)
Cute couple of the day in Lazise