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Friday, March 7, 2014

Mint print

Hard to believe it is friday, and we are a week into March already! I am thinking and hoping this will be the weekend all this snow finally melts and spring will arrive.

Yesterday I went to the grand opening of South Moon Under's new location in Westport, CT and I will have photos from that to share with you on monday. I loved meeting and chatting with everyone at the store, and also met Erin from Accidentally Stylish, who has tagged me to answer some questions:

1. In comparison, are you a early bird or a night owl? 
I find I'm much more productive in the mornings, but I'm not an 'up before the sun' kind of gal.

2. What makes your heart flutter every time you hear, smell, see, or taste it? 
Chocolate, really good chocolate.

3. Why did you start blogging? 
I wanted to be motivated to take pictures everyday. I love taking portraits, but there aren't always willing volunteers, so I became the subject. I also thought it would be fun to share all my great thrifty shopping feats!

4. What motivates you in moments of doubt?
Reminding myself that I have family and friends to support and help me, no matter what I do or how big a mistake I make.

5. Do you act after giving extra thought or impulsively? 
If I have to give too much thought to something, it's probably because I don't want to do it.

6. Would you live in a place other than where you live now and where? 
After this winter, I am feeling quite envious of the residents of Southern California.

7. What's your favorite season? 
I love spring, because I am a spring baby, and when the cherry blossom trees are in bloom I'm the happiest girl in the world. However spring in New England can still be quite cold, so my favorite season is summer.

8. If you could travel back in time, when would that be? 
I'd like to be in Europe during the time of the Renaissance, and become the subject of a famous artist's painting. Then I'd hang in museums forever and no one would know it was me.

9. What's your biggest pet peeve? 
Forks with bent tines. That probably sounds silly, but I can't stand how they feel.

10. What is one accessory you can't live without? 
Only one? I suppose right now it would be my thin gold ring, since I wear it nearly every day and I've already replaced it three times after losing it.

11. If you had a theme song, what would it be?
It was definitely "If I Ever Feel Better" by Phoenix, but perhaps it's time for a new one.

printed top, black cardigan, mint bag.jpgprinted top, black cardigan, mint bag-1.jpgprinted top, black cardigan, mint bag-3.jpgprinted top, black cardigan, mint bag-4.jpgprinted top, black cardigan, mint bag-2.jpg
The Rundown
Printed Shirt Thrifted similar
Black Cardigan Gap similar
Skinny Jeans Kohls similar
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on ebaysimilar
Mint Leather Tote Bag Gap similar $$ similar $
Necklace LC for Kohls
Chain Link Bracelet Thrifted similar
Tennis Bracelet c/o Anjolee
Mini Punk Princess Bracelet CC Skye c/o Linger Rose
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade similar
Nail Color "Super Bossa Nova" Essie

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Over embellished

Many people swear by multiples. The logic is sound; if you love it and it fits well, why not get every color you can?

Typically I don't subscribe to this, in the past I have always ended up loving one color more than the other and it has turned out to be a waste.

However, my mother found the black version of my grey embellished sweater on the clearance rack at Kohl's and surprised me with it.

I promise to love them both.

jeweled sweater, leather jacket.jpgjeweled sweater, leather jacket-2.jpgjeweled sweater, leather jacket-4.jpgjeweled sweater, leather jacket-1.jpgjeweled sweater, leather jacket-5.jpgjeweled sweater, leather jacket-3.jpg
The Rundown
Jeweled Sweater Elle for Kohl's
Jeans "Lola" Lucky Brand
Leather Jacket Gap similar
Brown Booties Crown Vintage via DSW
Leopard Calf Hair Clutch Gap similar
Mini Punk Princess Bracelet CC Skye c/o Linger Rose
Ring Taken for Granite similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses "Harper" c/o Hobie
Nail Color "Naughty Nautical" Essie

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's always cold on winter street

This leopard coat is a lot warmer than most people tend to think, and with the addition of some long gloves and a big scarf, it's quite cozy. Comfort was my main goal for the weekend, and I always feel like it is the biggest challenge to try and create a look that is going to keep me warm, not kill my feet, and still be blog-worthy. Hopefully this was a success.

grey sweater, leopard coat-6.jpggrey sweater, leopard coat-4.jpggrey sweater, leopard coat-5.jpggrey sweater, leopard coat-3.jpggrey sweater, leopard coat.jpggrey sweater, leopard coat-2.jpggrey sweater, leopard coat-1.jpg
The Rundown
Grey Sweater Gap similar
Black Cropped Pants Gap
Leopard Fur Coat JCP similar
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on ebaysimilar
Red Willis Bag Vintage Coach via ebay
Monogram Necklace oNecklace via Good Girl Style Giveaway
Mini Punk Princess Bracelet CC Skye c/o Linger Rose
Watch Fossil "Stella" via ebay
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry

Friday, February 21, 2014

Style swap

This week I'm participating in Ginny's Style Swap Link Up and I put together this outfit inspired by one she wore a few weeks ago. As far as print mixing goes, there are a lot of great combinations, but leopard and stripes will always be one of my top favorites.

Since I don't have a military vest like Ginny, I went with my black leather one and wore jeans instead of black pants. It turned out to be a super cute, weather appropriate look, so thanks for the inspiration Ginny!

leopard and stripes-3.jpgleopard and stripes.jpgleopard and stripes-1.jpgleopard and stripes-2.jpgleopard and stripes-5.jpgleopard and stripes-4.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Sweater Hekla & Co. via Marshalls similar
Quilted Leather Vest Thrifted similar
Skinny Jeans Kohls similar
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on ebaysimilar
Bag "Alexa" Danielle Nicole c/o Loving Lemons
Leopard Print Scarf Gift from A Very Sweet Blog
Watch c/o Caravelle by Bulova via Lucky Fabb
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Nail Color Essie Aruba Blue

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blurry flurries

This morning I awoke to more snow piling up outside my window; these photos are from last week when it was snowing, and we've had so many storms at this point I think I've simply lost count.

I know it's not completely without it's charms - the world in white, the big soft flakes falling and nestling in my hair, a perfectly good reason to buy this down filled vest (at the thrift store for $6), however, at this point I am done with winter. Please hurry up spring!

layered up for the snow-4.jpglayered up for the snow-1.jpglayered up for the snow-5.jpglayered up for the snow-2.jpglayered up for the snow-6.jpglayered up for the snow-3.jpglayered up for the snow.jpg
The Rundown
White Button Down Loft similar
Red Sweater Burnella Gori thrifted similar
Quilted Down Vest Gap thrifted similar
Skinny Jeans Kohls similar
Snow Boots Pajar similar
Grey Coat thrifted similar
Tartan Scarf c/o Front Row Shop
Wool Baseball Cap San Diego Hat Co. via Zappos
Watch c/o Caravelle by Bulova via Lucky Fabb
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Nail Color "Fair Game" Essie

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fair Isle

I feel like I'm still trying to figure out the ball cap.

Does it need a menswear element to work?
Can it be preppy?
Can I wear it with a skirt?
Does it go with Fair Isle?

If you happen to have any ball cap inspiration, feel free to send it my way.

preppy sweater - wool cap - white denim-5.jpgpreppy sweater - wool cap - white denim-2.jpgpreppy sweater - wool cap - white denim-7.jpgpreppy sweater - wool cap - white denim-1.jpgpreppy sweater - wool cap - white denim-4.jpgpreppy sweater - wool cap - white denim-3.jpg
The Rundown
Fair Isle Cardigan Cambridge Dry Goods via TJMaxx similar
White Skinny Jeans TJMaxx similar
Brown Booties Crown Vintage via DSW
Brooklyn Camera Bag ONA via Young Adventuress Giveaway
Gold Tassel Belt Sperry via Nordstrom
Wool Baseball Cap San Diego Hat Co. via Zappos
Bling Earrings c/o JoJo Loves You
Anchor Bracelet Knotical Knovelites
Knot Ring c/o Emitations
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade
Nail Color Essie Bordeaux

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Office wear, casual wear

This is kind of an old outfit - I wore it to go Christmas shopping on one of those warm, rainy weekends in December. (Obviously photos didn't happen that day.) When I did my closet clean out back in November, I found this beautiful Max Mara blazer (it's lined in hot pink silk!) tucked away in a drawer. Out of sight out of mind.

Since I hadn't managed to wear it to work before getting laid off, and I would hate myself for letting it sit unworn for another season, I decided to pair it with my goes-with-everything chambray shirt and go shopping. There is no question that I wouldn't wear this to the office, but I think it suits me just fine for running around on the weekend, dodging puddles and battling crowds.

MaxMara Blazer.jpgMaxMara Blazer-5.jpgMaxMara Blazer-3.jpgMaxMara Blazer-2.jpgMaxMara Blazer-6.jpgMaxMara Blazer-1.jpg
The Rundown
Chambray Shirt Tommy Hilfiger via TJMaxx similar
Blazer MaxMara via Cocos similar
Black Pants Gap
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on ebaysimilar
Hobo Bag Hayden-Harnett c/o Linger Rose
Ring Taken for Granite similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Nail Color Essie Bordeaux

Friday, January 10, 2014

Scalloped hems again

My love of scalloped hemlines continues with this cute mini skirt from OASAP. It's a bit shorter than I'd normally be comfortable with, but works to show off these fun faux thigh-high tights, which are incidentally, a bit too short. I'm not sure what size person can fit into these 'one size' tights, as I am only 5' 2"!

Sizes are funny things though, this sweater I thrifted last week is an extra large, which goes to show that you should never limit yourself to just looking on the racks with your usual size. Sometimes adorable sweaters of merino wool made in Italy are hiding there, waiting for the right person to take the time to look.

scalloped hem skirt-3.jpgscalloped hem skirt-1.jpgscalloped hem skirt-4.jpgscalloped hem skirt-2.jpgscalloped hem skirt.jpg
The Rundown
Red Sweater Burnella Gori thrifted similar
Scalloped Hem Skirt c/o OASAP
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on ebaysimilar
Red Willis Bag Vintage Coach via ebay
Red Tassels Etsy via RinartsAtelier
Faux Thigh-High Tights c/o OASAP
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace Thrifted
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Meteor c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color OPI Havent the Foggiest

Friday, January 3, 2014


Another gift from my Mom (she spoils me), this jeweled sweater from Kohl's is clearly similar to both J.Crew's ($98) and Anthropologie's ($148) versions, only at a fraction of the price.

The Elle for Kohl's embellished sweater is currently on sale for $33, comes in two other colors and since it's Kohl's you can always manage to get an extra 15 to 30 percent off.

So which one would you choose?

jeweled sweater-2.jpgjeweled sweater.jpgjeweled sweater-4.jpgjeweled sweater-3.jpgjeweled sweater-1.jpg
The Rundown
Jeweled Sweater Kohl's
Leather Pencil Skirt Lord & Taylor thrifted similar
Studded Booties Guess via TJMaxx similar $$, similar $
Bling Earrings c/o JoJo Loves You
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Nail Color OPI Havent the Foggiest